You’re sitting on your comfy chair when you get a notice on your computer screen. Low power. Whatever, you have five percent power left, and you are right in the middle of getting Bitcoin. It’s payday, baby. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

That’s when it happens. The worst possible thing.

Your computer is turned off!

Your heart starts pounding. Why didn’t I get my charger and charge my computer? What do I do? Am I still getting my Bitcoins? Do I only get half of my Bitcoins? Do I call the police? Oh my god!

Well, first of all, do not call the police, but definitely turn your computer on again and yes, you are getting all of your Bitcoins. In fact, it doesn’t matter if your computer was on or off in the first place because that is what makes Bitcoin different from all of the other forms of currency in the world. There’s nothing physical about bitcoin at all. You can’t stack Bitcoins up on top of a desk. You can’t physically lose Bitcoins. You can’t do anything physically because it’s an entirely digital asset. So unfortunately, you also can’t make it rain at the club with Bitcoins.

But that is just one of the reasons Bitcoin is a distinct currency. Even though your computer might have been turned off, Bitcoins are not sent to your wallet since they do not even change location or ownership. Both of these are held on the public ledger. When you send or receive Bitcoins, there’s isn’t any actual receiving or sending happening. These terms were just adopted for those unfamiliar with how Bitcoin works.

So now that you know that everything is going to be okay, we do give you some suggestions. First, even though your computer does not need to be on to get your Bitcoins, your Bitcoin wallet does need to be updated through Blockchain. So go do that right now if you have not already. After that, you are free to whatever you want with your Bitcoins. Just make sure you keep your computer charged.